It’s a VIRTUAL Reunion Weekend!

August 14-16, 2020

Zoom Meeting ID* for the weekend:
914 8372 9349
Passcode: classof80



Zoom Meeting ID* for the weekend:
914 8372 9349
Passcode: classof80

*See image below for breakout session topics and meeting IDs for Saturday night only. You will have to leave the main meeting location or use a separate device for the breakout sessions, if you choose to join. This may sound a bit more challenging than it actually is! It will be worth it! Let’s celebrate! Rock that Big 8-0!


Use info below:

Download the details for our 40-year reunion weekend here



  • Get a free Zoom Account or update your Zoom Software
  • Test your wi-fi or broadband connection ahead of time
  • Use Google Chrome or Safari as your web browser
  • Close any other streaming or high bandwidth websites or programs
  • Use a headset, headphones or earbuds during the Zoom call
  • Check your lighting in the space you will be in. Make sure your face is visible. Avoid sitting with your back to the window. The camera will focus on the incoming light and make you look like a silhouette
  • Mute yourself when you are not speaking to eliminate background noise or other distractions while on the call.
  • Get your water, food or whatever else you may need and sit it nearby
  • Put your camera at or slightly above eye-level to give the best view of yourself
  • If you have an echo, use fabric (carpet, drapes) to absorb sound in the room

Cass Tech 1980 40 Year Reunion Early Bird

To the Class of 1980 of Cass Technical High School,

The highly anticipated 40th Class Reunion is just about one year away!  As we consider this milestone, and how we’d like to celebrate, we cannot help but to reflect on our journey since we left the hallowed halls of Cass Tech 39 years ago.  We’ve lived, loved, laughed and lost.  Many are blessed to have children and grandchildren.  Some of our children have continued as Legacy Students at Cass Tech.  The senior’s shirts from the Class of 2019 at CT said it best:  “There are 2 kinds of people, those who went to Cass Tech, and those who wished they did!”  (And we know that’s the truth!)

As we prepare for our next reunion, we want to be transparent about what is needed to make our 40th an over-the-top experience.  Gone are the days that we’re doing fundraisers that yield a low return… So, we are asking for what is needed with hopes that classmates will respond quickly to meet the need.  A weekend filled with unique and memorable experiences is being planned.  We’d like one of the highlights to include the Ovation Yacht for a dinner cruise which requires a significant deposit to secure the date.  This will be an exquisite evening to remember with food, beverages, and entertainment included.  Don’t think the Princess or Bob-Lo Boat. Google the Ovation, and you’ll see this is the kind of next-level experience we’d love!  It’s sophisticated and perfect for mature celebrants.  All we will need to do is board, and we will be catered to as we enjoy 3 levels of the vessel while cruising the Detroit River. Our Friday mixer and Sunday activities will be confirmed after we secure the venue for the dinner on Saturday. 

We need $15K.  Classmates who can and will are asked to pay $120 (the Early Bird cost of the reunion) by September 30, 2019.  This will allow us to put down the deposits needed to get things in motion.  We can’t wait to secure the venues we’d like to use.  Weddings, class reunions and family reunions are being booked now for 2020.

Since the very first reunion in 1990, there has never been an issue with the management of our class’ finances.  Every penny has been accounted for, and meticulous financial records have been kept.  We’re asking that you reach out to those in your friendship circle to get the word out, and to help us to get the seed money for our reunion.  We need the commitment of at least 125 classmates.  Can we count on you? If you’re able to do more, or would like to discuss event sponsorship, please contact

Payments can be sent to:

  1. Paypal payment: to 
  • Check/Money Order payable to: CTRC 1980, P.O. Box 2053, Southfield, MI 48037

With CT Love,

CTRC 1980